Golden Skin with Kaqun Gold Gel

by Joshua Taylor April 21, 2015

Back in the 1800’s, one of Mark Twain’s characters Mulberry Sellers proclaimed “there’s gold in them thar hills” to get miners to move from Georgia to California.

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As much as everybody loves gold and it has such a high value, did you know that gold is actually quite possibly the most anciently administered medicine? It was in use by ancient shamanic practitioners a long time ago. In medieval times, gold was known as being beneficial, in the belief that being that rare and beautiful must be healthy as well. Some modern forms of alternative medicine assigns metallic gold to have a healing power.

Gold can also be used in food. Gold leaf, flake or gold dust has been used in some gourmet foods, such as sweets and drinks as a decorative component. Gold flakes were used by the nobility in medieval Europe as decoration in some foods and drink, to show off the host’s wealth – but also with the belief that something so beautiful, valuable and rare must have health benefits too.

Recently, a Hungarian company developed a process to take water from a pristine source and through an advanced unique process, alter the molecular structure, decreasing the hydrogen and increasing the oxygen clusters, ultimately creating a super or hyper-oxygenated water.  And although their primary consumer of the water are severely ill patients and elite athletes (believing that an increased tissue-oxygen level will both create an environment in which illness and disease cannot flourish, and help athletic performance in high-level athletes), the benefits for skin could not be ignored.

So, now we can say that “there’s gold in that thar skin”, with this Kaqun Gold Gel, which adds the properties of 24kt gold, with a super-oxygenated water base, to help heal and rejuvenate skin.

Per, associated clinical physiological studies over 10 years in Hungary showed that 24 carat gold quickens the benefit and quickens cellular metabolism.

“Gold boosts blood flow to the area being treated. This speeds cellular processes and activates regeneration.” Says Lynda Wehbi, director of Fleur de Lys Medispa in Sydney, Australia. “Gold is connected with the electrons in skin cells that are sensitive to electric charges. Gold activates these ions to recreate cellular connections.”

With all of the research the exists about the benefits of oxygen, and with the noted beauty and healing properties of gold, it is only logical that the combination of the two can be a good thing.

So think about using the power of these two wonderful things the next time you are looking to heal and rejuvenate your skin.

To learn more about Kaqun Gold Gel or to place an order, click here!


Joshua Taylor
Joshua Taylor

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