Optimizing Your Vitality With Detoxification

September 25, 2015

Dr. Minkoff guest starred on Dr. Suzanne Bennett's show Wellness for Life Radio. On this episode they discuss combating exposure to toxins with detoxification with a consistent process.

Here's a quick summary from her show... follow the link below to listen at RadioMD.com

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We live in a massively toxic environment.

No matter how healthy you are... how well you eat, how much you exercise, how careful you are about avoiding toxins, you're still being exposed to dangerous elements.

All of these elements are making you sick and tired.

So, you have to think about detoxification as a constant process, something Dr. David Minkoff calls active detoxification.

Dr. Minkoff concentrates on alternative and complementary approaches, with a focus on detoxification and dietary/nutrition changes.

He believes that in order to achieve optimum health, patients must firstly, reduce the number of toxins and pollutants entering the body; secondly, increase the number of toxins and pollutants leaving the body and thirdly, improve the quality of nutrition so the body can rebuild and heal.

Listen in as Dr. Minkoff joins Dr. Susanne to explain why detoxification is so important for optimizing your health and vitality.