by Joshua Taylor December 02, 2015

METAL-FREE™ is not intended as a treatment for any medical or mental health conditions, nor should its use to support functioning in patients that may have medical conditions be understood as a claim that METAL-FREE treats those conditions or that endorses the use of METAL-FREE to treat medical conditions. Patients who may have medical conditions should consult a physician and ensure that proper diagnosis and treatment.

SUBJECT: Continuation Study of Heavy Metal Detoxification with 5-year-old boy

This case report is a follow-up on an earlier case of an autistic / A.D.H.D. child who has continued on METAL-FREE for the past three months. When he began his METAL-FREE treatment, he was making almost no intelligible speech and was on 30mg of Ritalin a day. This young boy was having much difficulty in school as judged by his teachers and his report cards.

Our initial pre METAL-FREE stool test showed only borderline elevation in cadmium levels. After two weeks on METAL-FREE, the excreted levels of cadmium, arsenic, and antimony rose substantially. After two more months, another stool sample was obtained. *Amazingly, the excretion levels of cadmium, arsenic and antimony have come toward normal while the excretion of mercury has risen to over 600% of the pre levels of excretion!

What is most significant about this case report is that during this young boy's first week on the metal-free, he received "Student of the WEEK"! This was the first time he ever received this award! While continuing on METAL-FREE during the month of June, he received his second accolade: "Most Improved Award"! His Marketing Period 3 evaluations were well above the earlier grading period. The teacher comments are very satisfactory as well as during the marketing period.

Here are the results:

Metal-Free Case Report 3 Thumbnail


Read the rest of the Metal-Free Case Studies:

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Joshua Taylor
Joshua Taylor

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