New Research Shows Zeolite Is A Fraud

Over the past several years Zeolite products have become very popular. They claim to remove heavy metals from the body safely and naturally. 

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger and creator of NaturalNews (NN) has recently conducted extensive research which revealed some very interesting information about the claims, disproving them and discovering that in-fact, zeolite increases metal content in the body. Aluminium, in fact, goes off the charts with an increase by as much as 2100%. 

In the article below you will find the hard data that proves these findings.

Does Zeolite remove any heavy metals?

The short answer is NO.  That’s right, none. But it does remove one very important contaminant, which is cesium. Cesium is a chemical element found in nuclear waste and is extremely reactive.   NN hypothesizes that originally when this discovery was made the assumption that Zeolite removes all heavy metals was made without sufficient research. Of course, marketing took over, everyone else assumed that the research had been done and proceeded to grow the myth.

Along with NN, we at BodyHealth recommend stopping any further use of any Zeolite products if you’re using them now, and don’t start if you’re considering them. If you’re selling or prescribing Zeolite, we recommend you stop immediately and share with your customers and patients the dangers of Zeolite. Inform them that we’ve all been fooled.

I am Heavy Metal toxic and I was so hopeful when I discovered Zeolite, what to do now?

This news can be frustrating to many, but we have good news. BodyHealth has a better alternative called Metal-Free™. Our product is backed by research proving Metal-Free to be effective. The results you get are actually quite impressive. Metal-Free creates a 3-way cage bond in the form of a peptide so it moves naturally through your body (unlike Zeolite) and will not “let go” distributing heavy metals in other locations in the body. Metal-Free helps the body get rid of metals through the stool not the kidneys, which is much more tolerable for the human body.

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