9 Ways an Elite Prepares for a World Championship

BodyHealth's newest team member is an elite runner for the Saucony Hurricanes and owner/creator of Fuel Your Future blog!

Her name is Tina Muir and currently she's training for the World Half Marathon Championships and she's going to also be racing in the London Marathon in April.  We're excited to have her on board and can't wait to read more from her.

She mentioned BodyHealth in a recent blog article she posted:

9 Ways an Elite Prepares for a World Championship

"Last week I mentioned in both posts that I vowed to do the little things. To make sure I give myself the absolute best chance of success in both the World Half Marathon and the London Marathon.

But don’t I already do all those little things?

My non-running friends already think I am nuts, so what more could I possibly do?

Well, here are 9 ways I have stepped up my game to take recovery to another level"

You can continue the article which was originally written here: http://tinamuir.com/elite-runner-get-better/