by BodyHealth Representatives July 13, 2016

It’s impossible to avoid   environmental toxins. The air we breathe, the food we consume and the water we drink—daily—are constant sources of these unwanted but ever-present contaminates. Many of the toxins are various   heavy metals, which present a whole array of   health problems.

Heavy metals are a normal part of the earth's crust, but because of man's manipulation of the environment in recent decades, these metals can become concentrated in the   plants and animals  that we consume. From there, they make their way into human tissue, becoming imbedded deep in our cells. The problem with heavy metal toxicity is the constant interference with normal body functions.

To reduce heavy metal toxicity, make sure you are drinking purified water and eating organic foods. Large fish like tuna, swordfish, and mackerel are more likely to contain high levels of mercury, a   dangerous neurotoxin. Small fish like sardines and mackerel are less toxic as they contain less mercury than do larger species higher up the food chain. Adding   Metal-Free  to your health regimen can assist the body in getting rid of toxic heavy metals.*


Metal-Free Contains Ionic Sea Minerals and Other Detoxifying Substances

BodyHealth founder, Dr. David Minkoff, has developed   Metal-Free  as a natural way to "chelate" heavy metals out of the body. Chelation means "claw," and the ingredients in   Metal-Free  actually act like a claw, grabbing toxic metals at a microscopic level so they can be excreted via normal elimination routes.

Metal-Free  contains ionic sea minerals and   trace elements  that generate billions of tiny electrical impulses. In one combination or another, macrominerals (such as magnesium and calcium) and trace elements (such as zinc and chromium) make up ocean water, the human body, and the Earth.

An ionic mineral is an element that has either a positive or negative charge. They are part of a process that allows the body to facilitate changes that move nutrients to the areas that need them. It has long been known that the blood contains the same minerals that are found in sea-mineral-rich ocean water.

Metal-Free features key substances that assist with heavy-metal detoxification. These include: peptidylgluconase with metal-binding properties; glycine to detoxify the liver; vitamin C (which helps remove heavy metals) and fulvic acid, a natural chelator—and these are just a few of the detoxifying substances in the product.*


Metal-Free Detoxification Program

Supplement your health with the   Metal-Free Heavy Metal Detoxification Program, our comprehensive detox program. In addition to the   Metal-Free  drops, the all-in-one package includes   Complete+Detox  multi-vitamin and mineral supplement,   Intestinal Cleanse, and the   PerfectAmino  protein supplement to support the body and enhance the detox process.*

Taking active measures to detoxify from heavy metals in this toxic world just makes sense. In the long run, you will be healthier, have more energy and will move one step closer to your best health yet!*


Click here to learn more and purchase Metal-Free or the Metal-Free program.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

BodyHealth Representatives
BodyHealth Representatives

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