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Licorice root—also called sweet root—is known mostly for its use as a sweetener in candies, beverages, and those cherished twizzle-shaped candies loved by kids everywhere. The root of the licorice plant—considered a weed in some parts of Europe and Asia— contains the highest concentrations of licorice’s active ingredients, such as glycyrrhizin.

Historically,   licorice root  has been used for internal cleansing of the blood and intestinal tract, and is regarded as an important herb for treating kidney and respiratory ailments. Some research suggests that it has gut health, immune-supportive and liver-assisting properties.

As often happens with common botanicals with a history of traditional use, when science takes them into the lab and analyzes their properties, the researchers find plenty of solid science behind the plant's healthy rep. In fact, several recent studies on the root have shown that it has   laxative qualities  and encourages detoxification of the colon and blood.

In one study ( Journal of Agriculture Food Chemistry), scientists demonstrated that licorice root actually helps the entire body   rid itself of toxic wastes  which are then excreted by the kidneys (in urine) and the liver (in bile).

In addition to detoxification, other studies point out that licorice soothes and corrects   gastric ulcers, and has proven more effective than standard ulcer products. Further, it is extremely safe and only a fraction of the cost.


BodyHealth   Intestinal Cleanse

Dr. Minkoff has created a superior intestinal cleanse supplement containing the most effective substances available, including licorice root.   Intestinal Cleanse  is an herbal laxative-support product that improves the function of the body’s digestive tract, supports the colon and promotes gentle, comfortable bowel movements.*

Intestinal Cleanse  taken 1-2 times a day per bottle directions works naturally overnight as it gently softens the colon’s contents. The result is easy and cramp-free digestion. It provides great relief for anyone who suffers with constipation.*


Other Effective Substances in   Intestinal Cleanse

In addition to licorice root,   Intestinal Cleanse  contains the following herbs:   Cascara sagrada  to support the liver; Buckthorn to calm the GI tract; Butternut Bark that creates a laxative effect and expels parasites, and Slippery Elm to absorb gas and draw out impurities. Additional ingredients include Turkey Rhubarb Bark (assists digestion), Capsicum (reduces intestinal spasms), Ginger Root (aids digests and reduces cramping), and Irish Moss (assist in healing mucous membranes).

And these are just some of the cleansing herbs in   BodyHealth's Intestinal Cleanse.  There are additional ingredients that cleanse, tone, heal and restore intestinal function, including Spirulina, Barley, Sea Salt, Trace Minerals, Black Walnut, Kelp, and Acidophilus. You can read about all the powerful herbs and other ingredients included in this power-packed, cleansing formula on the   product page.

Although we live in a toxic world, we can do something about it. Start by cleaning up your diet, eating more whole, clean foods, and turning to herbal solutions to assist in full health and detoxification.   Intestinal Cleanse, powered with licorice root, is a perfect example. Actively cleaning out the built-up toxins in your body will increase your energy, give you greater stamina and keep you healthy for years to come.*

*   These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

BodyHealth Representatives
BodyHealth Representatives

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