Optimum Sleep Bundle

Bundle Up and Sleep Better!

Do you have nightmares about getting to sleep? Do you toss and turn? Do you want a restful night's sleep? 
Take advantage of BodyHealth’s  great “bundle” on two of our sleep products – Healthy Sleep Ultra and Optimum Sleep Assist.

And save 20% of retail price!


Both of these natural products work very well on their own, but sometimes you need an extra boost. Many of our customers have found that using both products synergistically provide an even deeper nights sleep.

Sweet dreams…..


Healthy Sleep Ultra - This all-natural sleep capsule boosts melatonin and serotonin production, which helps control sleep patterns, leading to a satisfying night’s sleep. Retail Price - $39.00

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Optimum Sleep Assist - This, non-habit forming, all-natural oral liquid sleep aid is a powerful, anti-catabolic sleep support formula, designed to promote deep and restorative sleep. Retail Price - $44.95

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