Optimum Sleep Assist

Get the most out of your sleep with Optimum Sleep Assist, a formula designed to promote anabolic, rejuvenating hormones, maximizing recovery and healing.

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  • Optimized Sleep: the Secret to Rejuvenation, Healing, and Recovery

    Sleep is when your body recovers, heals and grows new tissue.

    Most of your gains from training occur during sleep. Same with healing from an injury or illness.

    So what is it that happens in sleep? What creates that growth? And how can we promote it?

    The Key is to Increase IGF, the Growth Hormone.

    The problem is that there are tightly regulated mechanisms around growth hormones.

    You make plenty as a growing child, but for every year you age, you lose your ability to make growth hormone.

    The older you get...

    ...the less you gain from training.

    ..the longer you take to heal and recover.

    ...the more aches and pains seem to linger

    ...the less your body naturally regenerates itself.

    Sleep, Hormones, and Weight Gain

    It’s not just IGF that is secreted in deep sleep. ALL your anabolic hormones are activated in sleep. These are hormones critical for maintaining a healthy weight and appetite.

    When your sleep isn’t full or your hormones are out of balance, you can find yourself overcome by cravings or mysteriously putting on weight.



  • Why is sleep important?

    Many health professionals claim sleep to be as important as exercise and diet in anti-aging, training and weight loss regimens. However, there are at least 40 million Americans reporting sleep problems. (1) Although we tend to think of sleep as a period of complete rest, it is crucial to promoting health and optimal functioning. During sleep, the body is hard at work performing a variety of biological processes to help regenerate and repair muscles and body tissues. Adequate sleep is also essential for maintaining mood, memory, and cognitive performance. (2,3) It is vital for the proper functioning of both the immune and endocrine systems, and many studies have demonstrated the relationship between sleep duration and several serious health issues like obesity, hypertension, and depression. (4,5,6)

  • Sleep, hormones, and appetite

    Sleep directly impacts our hormone levels, and hormone levels play a very important role in hunger and satiety. Over the last 50 years, the incidence of obesity and other diseases have reached epic numbers in America, and this trend is proportional to the decrease in sleep duration. Appetite control, hormone levels, fat storage, muscle repair, and stress are all impacted by sleep quality. Sleep is just as important as exercise and diet in training programs and weight loss regimens. During sleep, the body is hard at work releasing anabolic hormones to regenerate and repair muscle tissue. Quality sleep also aids in keeping levels of fat promoting hormones low. Lack of adequate sleep can lead to fat gain, increased hunger and sugar cravings, decreased muscle mass, decreased strength, and a weakened immune system. (5,6,7,8)

  • The Solution

    With rare ingredients like Velvet Antler extract and dialed-in nutritional hacks, our unique formula can actually turn your body’s IGF factory back on–so you can sleep, heal and recover like you did when you were young.

    It stimulates healthy levels of your anabolic hormones, helping you effortlessly maintain healthy weight and appetite.*

    Just using Optimum Sleep Assist before bed will promote hormonal shifts that may help:

    • Recovery from training*
    • Muscle Growth*
    • Decreased Appetite*
    • Weight Loss*
    • Faster Injury Repair*
    • Deeper sleep*
    • Improved brain function*
    • Wake up Alert and Refreshed*

    Just a few drops for the most rejuvenating sleep of your life

    So if you aren’t waking up refreshed and chipper...

    If your sleep feels less than amazing...

    Or if you just want to get the most from your sleep for greater gains and faster recovery...

    Optimum Sleep Assist may be the greatest gift you can give yourself

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  • Ingredients

    Velvet antler is one of nature’s richest sources of IGF-I. IGF-I is the metabolite of growth hormone and these hormones are master anabolic hormones responsible for growth and metabolism. (9)

    Bovine colostrum is nature’s most powerful supply of growth factors and immune building factors. (10) Colostrum is great source of bio-identical growth hormone and IGF-I, which can be diminished without proper sleep.

    Mucuna is a bean-like substance that is nature’s richest source of L-dopa, a precursor to dopamine. Dopamine regulates sleep, mood, motivation, stress, motor skills, and a variety of other bodily functions. (11) Mucuna does not create a negative feedback loop with dopamine production.

    Melatonin is a hormone created from serotonin by way of tryptophan. Melatonin regulates sleep cycles and induces REM sleep patterns. It has a powerful antioxidant effect and increases the metabolic rate during sleep for weight loss. (12) Melatonin plays a key role in healthy aging and immune response.

    B-6 is a major coenzyme for many bodily functions and reactions. B-6 increases the production of serotonin, which induces sleep, heightens mood, and improves mental cognition. (13)

    Supplement Facts

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Is Optimum Sleep Assist Addicting?

    A: No, Optimum Sleep Assist is not habit forming and does not repress your natural sleep abilities.

    Q: Will this interact with other medications?

    A: If you have a serious condition or take prescription medications, we suggest you consult your physician before taking Optimum Sleep Assist.

    Q: Can I take this while pregnant or nursing?

    A: Because this contains compounds that influence hormone levels, we suggest you consult a physician before taking Optimum Sleep Assist if you are pregnant or nursing.

    Q: Will this make me drowsy in the morning?

    A: No. In fact, optimum sleep assist helps you sleep more deeply, most people feel more awake, alert, and alive in the morning.

    Q: When should I take Optimum Sleep Assist?

    A: Take 30 drops (about ⅔ of a dropper) just before bed

    Q: Can I drink alcohol with Optimum Sleep Assist?

    A: Alcohol can negatively affect your sleep quality and hormone levels, so we do not recommend drinking while taking optimum sleep assist.

    Q: Can I give Optimum Sleep Assist to my child?

    A: Optimum Sleep Assist is designed for grown adults. We recommend you consult a physician before giving it to a child.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.