Optimum Weight Management Programs

The Optimum Weight Management Programs are for people who are serious about losing weight and want a complete program to guide them during their journey.

Each program contains:

  • Optimum Weight Management Formula oral drops - The formulation contributes to hypothalamic re-setting, has a significant fat-burning factor and contains a mixture of homeopathics which will support thyroid performance and pituitary gland function, will relieve hunger, boost metabolic rate, reduce cravings and counteract fatigue.
  • Complete Multi + Liver Detox Support - BodyHealth's supreme multi-vitamin, multi-mineral, supplement with all the nutrients you need to replenish the bodies nutrients that are often depleted with weight-loss.
  • PerfectAmino - The 8 Essential Amino Acids used to provide all the additional nutrients you need when following the program, to help build, repair, protect, and detoxify the body during the program.  When paired with the Optimum Weight Management Formula, users can experience up to 30% faster results with less feelings of hunger while maintaining more energy throughout their day.
  • A complete guide with instructions, diet plan, meal guide, details about each product, troubleshooting, and FAQ sections.

For those of you with less than 20 lbs. to lose, choose the 23-day program.  For those of you who need to lose 20 lbs. or more, choose the 40-day program.

For any questions or concerns you can call our office at 877-804-3258, M-F 9am - 5:30pm.

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