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    Americans tend to gain about one pound per year after the age of 20. Hormonal imbalance, overeating, lack of activity, poor sleep quality, and stress promote fat storage. As we age, excess fat tends to accumulate in the lower abdomen and many people find themselves continuously attempting to lose weight, often with poor results. Dieting can often cause feelings of extreme fatigue, weakness, hunger, and irritability. It can be difficult and frustrating, and the side effects, like extreme hunger, make adhering to a diet very difficult.


    Many people decide to take a weight loss supplement to magnify their exercise and dieting efforts. And, with over half of the American population being classified as overweight or obese, the market is flooded with dangerous and ineffective weight loss supplements claiming remarkable results. (1) Often, these supplements make people jittery, cause sleeplessness, raise blood pressure, cause intense hunger once they wear off and are packed with chemicals that later become banned by the FDA.


    BodyHealth Healthy Thin Booster is an all-natural formulation created to assist anyone who is
    currently dieting or trying to maintain weight loss. The ingredients in Healthy Thin Booster provide
    appetite suppressing effects, mild diuretic effects and an energy boost to make dieting less of a

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    Velvet Antler - contains a balanced matrix of growth factors that encourage the development of lean muscle mass and help to maintain muscle size and strength during times of caloric restriction. (2) Additionally, velvet antler helps to combat fatigue. (3)

    Cha’ de Bugre - is a popular tea known for its appetite suppressing and weight loss enhancing properties. It is a mild stimulant and therefore provides increases in energy. Its diuretic properties may help to reduce or even prevent fatty deposits and cellulite. (4)

    B-6 - supports a wide range of body functions. It ensures proper metabolic function, is involved in over one hundred enzymatic reactions, promotes the breakdown of carbohydrates, and supports the nervous system. (5,6) 

    B-12 - plays an important role in the proper functioning and health of the nervous system and digestive system. (7) It is also important in the regulation of metabolism and protein synthesis. Inadequate intake can have negative effects like irritability, anxiety, stress, and confusion. (7)

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