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You might have heard Dr. David Minkoff talk about Metal-Free over the years as a solution to heavy metal toxicity. In 1999, after discovering that his wife was toxic with heavy metals, he developed Metal-Free and it helped save her life. Since then, he has been using it every day in his medical practice, as have thousands of other practitioners world-wide.

Many practitioners recommend chelation therapy as an effective route to removing heavy metals from the body, and indeed, in some cases it definitely is. However, for some, it can prove to be inconvenient and a very long arduous process. It can also be cost prohibitive and in those who have very levels of heavy metals, it may be detrimental to their kidneys. Dr. Minkoff is a big proponent of chelation therapy and recommends it to some of his metal-toxic patients, especially those with coronary plaque build-up. However, he also recommends Metal-Free, because he believes that nothing comes close to its efficacy.

Metal-Free is an effective alternative to Chelation for these reasons:
  • It is a convenient oral spray makes dosage easy for all ages.
  • The nano-sized peptides are easily absorbed via mucous membranes.
  • Metal-Free binds irreversibly with all heavy metals so it won’t pull them out of one tissue and drop them off in another as sometimes happens with EDTA, DMSA and DMPS.
  • It does not remove beneficial minerals from the body, leaving the patient deficient.
  • It detoxes through the colon rather than the kidneys, so the delicate glomerular membrane isn’t threatened.

Before & After results showing metal detoxification in a recent case study.