The Essential Amino Acid Formula

  • The most effective protein supplement!
  • Provides the 8 essential amino acids not produced by the body!
  • Promotes fast recovery after hard training!
  • Increases energy levels!
  • Supports a healthy immune system!
  • A great source of protein during weight-loss, almost 0 calories!
  • 99% gets utilized and into the blood stream with 23 minutes!

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What others are saying...

"I want to reach out and personally thank Dr. Minkoff and his world-class crew at Bodyhealth for doing what it took to bring 'PerfectAmino' to the marketplace!

As a professional coach/trainer/multisport athlete since 1981, I have done my best to bring awareness to athletes and all people the vital importance of being in a positive nitrogen balance. It's hard to gain such an ongoing state of cellular foundation, repair, and regeneration without overloading the GI Tract via 'natural' foods these days, so a quality amino acid supplement is first and foremost my most fundamental priority as a coach and as an athlete.

Last weekend, at age 52, I was beyond belief as I took the win in America's (if not the world's) highest nordic marathon; the Leadville Loppet (44k) in 3:46:48. I won the race in an average temperature of -16 degrees, in whiteout conditions, and at an average elevation of over 10,285'. You can only imagine how thankful I was to know that with each ski stride, with each poling motion exploding from my core fitness that i knew my cellular fitness was above and beyond that of racers over 3 decades YOUNGER than myself…all over whom were and finished behind me! Trust me, get on and STAY ON the Bodyhealth products, especially the new, PerfectAmino! Because we are only as old as the vibratory state of our cells. See YOU on the Start Line, no matter what your age!

- Coach Steve Ilg - USCF/CPT/RYT 500, "America's Outdoor Athlete" - Outside Magazine, Author of "Total Body Transformation."

Hey Guys! Quick update! I had my first race of 2015 - a double Duathlon. I did this last year and was 3rd so I wanted to test out my fitness a year older. I’ve been taking my daily doses of PerfectAmino, which included this race day, 10 in the morning, 40 mins before race then 5 immediately after and another 5 about 2 hours before bed to aid in sleep recovery. I drank Kaqun water before, during, and after the event as well.

Lately I’ve been coaching and playing with the rugby players. This added workout, along with my BodyHealth products, has given me my aggressiveness back. About 100m into the first run of 3, I jumped through the bushes and into the lead just to blow everyone up. It worked. The plan wasn't to stay in the lead only to disrupt the flow.

This year the 3 runs were in technical and muddy single track. The two bike segments are very technical and high power. I averaged about 280 watts. I kept my run pace just below 7 min.

RESULTS: I finished top 10 overall, 1st in my age group and 3rd in the open masters! I felt great and still feel great this morning, off to a super start! Oh, and BTW, I was 3 minutes faster than last year! BOOM! Be well,

- Jukka Valkonen

I am a 54 year old Triathlete and this product makes me perform like I am in my twenties again. I have exhaustingly researched and taken performance supplements for the last 3 years trying to find the best supplement to naturally enhance athlete performance. Let me save you the time and money, this is it.

Every morning I take my PerfectAmino first-thing and I never skip a day. This is the best thing I have found. Best regards,

- John Green - Consultant/Triathlete

I am a 44-year old weekend-warrior athlete. Last year I did 22 events, including 5K, 10K, half-marathon and obstacle-course-races like Tough Mudder. I had been relying on MAP to help me with my work outs, increasing my strength and energy, while reducing or eliminating soreness and recovery. I switched to PerfectAmino recently and haven’t skipped a beat. Infact, I just did another half-marathon on Sunday (3 days ago) and had my PR of 1:59, beating my last one by 8 minutes! From everything I can tell, PerfectAmino is legit. And I love that there are more in the bottle, for a lower cost than MAP! It’s about time!

- Chris A.

I’ve used MAP for years and counted on it to help me consistently train and race with good results. The new BodyHealth PerfectAmino continues to give me that performance/recovery edge and it’s far more economical – a big plus.

- Cherie Gruenfeld - 12x World Ironman Champion

I started taking PerfectAmino 30 minutes before my morning shake and before long I started noticing that I would stay full longer than before. My blood sugar seemed to be more level and I felt great. I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic a few years ago, so I have learned to be very in-tune with my body and I definitely noticed the change in my hunger and energy.

- Celia

I have been taking PerfectAmino during my training sessions and am enjoying it. I take it before and after sessions and I do not notice any appreciable downgrade from MAP.

- Major Ed Arntson - US Army Rangers

Pharmaceutical Grade

Vegan Sourced