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How a unique ratio of essential amino acids
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As health professionals, it is our privilege and our responsibility to give our patients and clients our absolute best. They put their health, their very lives, into our humble hands and clear judgement.

This is no small thing.

This is why we show up with every tool at our disposal – every scrap of knowledge, every ounce of compassion, every perspective and method we know to see them healthy and well.

My name is Dr. David Minkoff and I would like to share with you, my colleague, the most impactful tool I have found in 37 years of practicing medicine because I know it can help you, your practice, and the community you serve.

It’s called PerfectAmino®.

I used PerfectAmino as a cornerstone of treatment programs for some of the most difficult conditions like cancer, autoimmune conditions, and hormonal imbalances. It is used by Tour de France cyclists, Olympic athletes, Ironman World Champions, and even other high profile medical professionals.

This works at the highest levels of performance and the most critical stages of sickness.

I am so passionate about this topic, but I also understand you are a busy person with a lot of responsibilities, so here’s what I will show you here:

  • Why Essential Amino Acids are so critical for health
  • How a scientifically derived ratio of EAAs can powerfully drive protein synthesis and therefore health
  • Why typical protein sources are inefficient for muscle gain
  • How AminoAcids can accelerate recovery
  • Surprising groups of people who stand to benefit most from PerfectAmino
  • Hear how Perfect Amino helped Late Stage Cancer Patients regain their health

David I. Minkoff, M.D.

Dr. Minkoff graduated from the University of Wisconsin Medical School in 1974 and was elected to the “Phi Beta Kappa” of medical schools, the prestigious Alpha Omega Alpha Honors Medical Fraternity for very high academic achievement. He then worked as an attending physician in infectious disease, co-directed a neo-natal intensive care unit and worked in emergency medicine until 1995. His search to find a source of the highest quality nutritional supplements led him to establish BodyHealth in 2000.

"PerfectAmino is the perfect way to add muscle building protein to your diet. I use it myself, as well as with all of my patients who want to improve lean body mass and recovery."

Frank Shallenberger, M.D.
Clinical Medical Director
President American Academy of Ozone Therapy

Why Perfect Amino Works

All of the incredibly complex proteins and functions in biology come down to just 22 amino acids – fewer than the English alphabet.

And within this small set of amino acids, 8 are particularly important for humans because we have, over the course of evolution, lost the ability to make them ourselves.

We must ingest them in our diet. Without them, we simply can’t make protein.

Without them, we cannot function properly.

You probably already know them: Phenylalanine Threonine, Valine, Tryptophan, Isoleucine, Methionine, Arginine, Lysine, and Leucine.

But there’s more to these simple building blocks than you might think.

These are important because they are the limiting factors of protein synthesis. They are like the vowels of the amino acid alphabet.

How many words do you think you could spell without a, e, i, o, or u?

The rest of the amino acids, we can biologically work around. If you don’t have enough Glutamine, for example, you can create it from other amino acids and carry on with the necessary biological functions.

But once your supply of essential amino acids runs out, your body cannot make any more protein. It doesn’t have all the right letters, so to speak.

Protein synthesis comes to a halt...

...and with it any processes that require protein.

Including healing, muscle recovery, immune function, and detoxification, all the processes that are bolstered and facilitated by your practice.

Your work and your patient’s results are impaired by amino acid deficiency.

Let’s look at this in a little more detail.

Potential consequences of insufficient amino acids:

  • Hormone problems
  • Weight gain
  • Decreased metabolism
  • Osteoporosis
  • Immune system problems
  • Impaired healing
  • Digestive problems
  • Slow muscle recovery
  • Chronic fatigue
Amino Acids and Late Stage Cancer
In this video, I explain how I used Perfect Amino for patients with Late Stage Cancer

Protein Metabolism: Synthesis or Sickness

When we ingest protein, it’s broken down into it’s amino acids. Then they go down one of two metabolic pathways: anabolic and catabolic.

The anabolic is path of protein synthesis – healing, recovery, muscle building, hormone production, all these essential functions of biological life. This pathway is dependent on the availability of essential amino acids.

The catabolic is the path of destruction – and in more ways than one. When protein synthesis is shut down due to the limiting factor of EAAs, the rest of the amino acids are broken down for energy. In this process, the amine group is cleaved off and becomes ammonia. Now instead of contributing to the maintenance and health of the body, the amino acids contribute to toxicity that now must be dealt with through the elimination pathways.

And what powers the elimination pathways?

More essential amino acids. It creates a net negative protein state for the body. And particularly if the protein is from animal sources, the excess amino acids lower the pH of the body, creating acidic conditions ripe for diseases like cancer.

In order to promote health, healing, recovery, and performance, we need to maximize the use of the anabolic pathway.

And to do that, we need to be able to measure the effectiveness of different protein and amino acid sources.




"Dr. Minkoff is one of the best physicians I know and I trust him with my own health. I personally use his BodyHelath products for everything from detox to strength to recovery because they are clean, they are pure, and they simply work."

Ben Greenfield

Not All Protein is Created Equal

We can measure how much protein is metabolized by the anabolic pathway with a metric called Amino Acid Utilization or AAU. This looks at the nitrogen content in urine, which is derived from the catabolic pathway of amino acid metabolism. We can compare the amount of nitrogen going into the body with the amount of nitrogen coming out and arrive at a measure of amino acid utilization by the anabolic pathway expressed as a percentage.

The highest protein utilization ratio in food is found in eggs, with an AAU of 48%. After that comes meat, fish, and poultry, each at around 35%. Protein powders are actually not all that efficient, with only a 17% utilization.

What You Need to Know

The amount of protein that your body can actually use is dependent upon the source. If you eat a 10oz chicken breast, your body will only use 32% of the protein. 10g of whey protein only gives your body less than 2g of protein. Second to Perfect-Amino, eggs are the best source, giving you 48% as usable body protein

The Perfect Complement to Any Treatment

Every single healing process we can undergo requires protein in some manner or another. The approach you take as a medical practitioner facilitates this process by whatever means, but regardless of what method or technique you use, at the core level the patient’s body needs to rebuild itself and bring itself back to balance.

PerfectAmino covers the foundational level of nutrition, specifically driving protein synthesis, to accelerate the body’s healing mechanisms and improve results for your patients and clients as a health practitioner.


Powerful Ways to Use Perfect Amino For 7 Common Conditions

Chronic Illness

Chronic illness creates a constant drain on the vital energy of a patient. The immune system becomes overworked, consuming important resources like essential amino acids for the rest of the body, further reducing optimal health. Only when the nutritional needs of the immune system and the needs of the body are met can other therapies truly become effective.*

Weight Loss

A core strategy for many weight loss programs is, of course, calorie reduction. This, however, presents the problem of which calories to reduce. PerfectAmino is a valuable low-calorie solution, providing a 99% efficient source of amino acids without the calories and other biological waste products of meat and can save 300-600 calories per day. Nutritional needs are met, protein synthesis is robust, and weight loss can accelerate.


Toxicity of various forms lies at the core of many symptoms. However, all of the detox pathways in the body are dependent on essential amino acids. Because so many individuals are protein deficient, they lack the necessary keys to efficiently drive detoxification. Efforts to detoxify their bodies are fundamentally hindered and symptoms persist. By combining detoxification programs with PerfectAmino, the body can more effectively eliminate toxins and restore health.*

Athletic Performance

Physical performance and recovery are largely determined by the body’s capacity to rebuild microtears in muscle. This process is dependent on the availability of essential amino acids to drive protein synthesis. The more amino acids are readily available, the higher the performance output and the faster recovery occurs.*


The root causes of fatigue are often difficult to diagnose. We must remember that at core, energy production is a protein-based process: the cellular components that generate energy from food are complex chains of enzymes and proteins with a high degree of turnover. Without sufficient amino acids to sustain production of these critical enzymes, energy levels flag, and inexplicable fatigue sets in. By complementing treatments with PerfectAmino to bolster the very machinery of energy production, the body’s vitality can return more quickly.*

Increase Muscle Mass

Building muscle mass is the quintessential example of protein synthesis, and it requires huge amounts of essential amino acids to drive it efficiently without creating toxic levels of urea in the body. More effective than any protein powder, PerfectAmino is proven to get muscle-building results for athletes of all kinds.*


Low Hormones

Hormonal issues are on the rise and treating complex situations like these can be very challenging for the practitioner. Many essential hormones however, are made of protein - growth hormone, thyroid hormone, insulin and others. If the body is not getting enough protein, it may not be able to produce healthy levels of hormones, leading to premature aging, fatigue, weight gain, and other problems. By providing the building blocks of hormone production with Perfect Amino, the body is set to to restore its natural balance.*

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Sickest Patients Cannot Digest Protein

How Amino Acids Facilitate Healthy Function and Repair

Countless adults cannot digest the proteins they consume, which can lead to a range of problems from a buildup of toxins, aging, weight gain and lowered immunity. Many people who struggle with protein digestion are also dealing with serious health issues such as Lyme disease, chronic fatigue, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, multiple sclerosis and other inflammatory or autoimmune diseases

At the other end of the scale are high-intensity athletes such as triathletes and ultra-runners, who may eat a high-quality diet but still have significant amino acid deficiencies. When the body cannot digest amino acids, they are discarded as toxic waste instead of being utilized throughout the body. This is the missing link: amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Protein is essential to proper function of the digestive and central nervous systems, skeletal, hormonal and muscular systems, detoxification mechanisms and other vital life processes.

“In my medical practice, I routinely see very sick patients who are deficient in one or more amino acids,” said Dr. Minkoff, founder of BodyHealth. ”Amino acids affect every aspect of the body, and a deficiency in even one can adversely affect health.”

Amino acids support healthy body function in every way, from muscle development and repair, to blood sugar regulation, metabolism and antibody production. The problem is that most amino acid sources are not fully absorbed by the body, leading to deficiencies and less than optimal health.

Proper absorption of these essential amino acids allows the body to build proteins and support the immune cells and hormones, skeletal and muscular systems, and every other bodily function. Of particular importance is maintaining the barrier tissues, which protect the brain, intestines, lungs and other organs. These barrier layers are made of amino acids; when compromised, they leak—allowing toxins to cross over into these sensitive organs. In an effort to help the public improve their health through better absorption of amino acids, Dr. Minkoff created the unique PerfectAmino formula, which is perfectly balanced and 99% utilized by the body.

PerfectAmino’s balanced formula requires no digestion; rather, it is absorbed into the bloodstream within 23 minutes, so the body can quickly utilize the complete amino acids to make every protein needed for life.

While alternative protein sources such as whey, egg white and pea protein are currently gaining in popularity, they present issues with absorption rates. A case study showed that PerfectAmino was 99% utilized throughout three different test groups, compared to 48% for egg protein. The same is true regarding other amino acid formulas — PerfectAmino is more completely and readily absorbed by the body, with virtually no waste.

PerfectAmino contains the eight essential amino acids:

  • Tryptophan, which encourages the release of serotonin and melatonin.
  • Lysine, which is important for proper growth and plays an essential role in converting fatty acids into energy.
  • Methionine, which supplies sulphur and other compounds required by the body for normal metabolism and growth.
  • Valine, which is needed for muscle metabolism, tissue repair, and the maintenance of proper nitrogen balance in the body.
  • Leucine, which stimulates muscle protein synthesis and may be the major fuel involved in anabolic (tissue-building) reactions.
  • Isoleucine, which is important for blood sugar regulation, muscle development and repair, and energy regulation.
  • Threonine, which is important for antibody production.
  • Phenylalanine, which stimulates certain hormones, including adrenaline and noradrenaline, which are activating substances in the central and peripheral nervous systems.


Moreover, PerfectAmino ingredients contain no fat, sodium, sugar, GMOs, preservatives, animal products or allergens such as yeast, gluten, soy, corn, wheat, rice or dairy, so there are no conflicts with dietary restrictions or food allergies. The PerfectAmino formula works for everybody.

For the sickest patients, and for anyone struggling with digestive issues, this is an extremely powerful tool to help them regain their health and move towards optimal health.

"I’ve known Dr. Minkoff for years. BodyHealth products are great. I take and recommend PerfectAmino personally!"

Jeff Spencer, D.C.
Former Olympic Cyclist, 2004 Chiropractor of the Year

Who can benefit the most?

The Chronically Ill

Senior citizens very commonly have protein malnutrition. They often have low stomach acid, and so have impaired protein digestion. Poor teeth make it difficult to chew meats, and tend to eat less quality protein than required. This leads to weak muscles, easier falls, soft bones with increased risk of fracture, low neurotransmitter levels that can cause depression, poor memory, and poor sleep.


Senior citizens very commonly have protein malnutrition. They often have low stomach acid, and so have impaired protein digestion. Poor teeth make it difficult to chew meats, and tend to eat less quality protein than required. This leads to weak muscles, easier falls, soft bones with increased risk of fracture, low neurotransmitter levels that can cause depression, poor memory, and poor sleep.


Processed junk food is all too common for a child’s diet these days, and getting them to eat healthy can be a chore for many parents.PerfectAmino to children. It only takes a few tablets a day to make a difference and allow optimum growth, bone health, immune health and intelligence.

Menopausal Women

Common symptoms of menopause include fatigue, altered mood, poor sleep, dull hair, fragile fingernails, and bone loss. Many of these symptoms can be addressed with sufficient amino acids to help support optimal levels of hormones, neurotransmitters, as well as healthy hair, nails and bone.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or condition.


During exercise and training, the structural proteins in the body are damaged. Muscle fibers are torn and stress is put on the body. This breakdown causes the soreness felt after hard workouts, and sometimes injury. To repair and rebuild, the body needs the essential amino acids in abundance. And because most people do not get enough in their diets to maximize this, repair occurs slowly or not at all and soreness and injury can result. A lowering of immune proteins can also occur and result an illness.

Vegetarians and Vegans

Protein deficiency is shockingly common amongst vegetarians and vegans. While eating a vegetarian diet has many health benefits, it lacks optimal amounts of essential amino acids. This can lead to lower muscle mass, weakened immune systems, and a host of other health concerns. PerfectAmino is a non-GMO, vegan source of the essential amino acids needed by all humans for vital energy and robust health.

Pregnant and Nursing Mothers

For pregnant women and nursing mothers, protein requirements are much higher. Growing a baby is a very intense and nutritionally demanding feat of biology and many do not eat enough protein to provide for both their own needs and the child’s. With PerfectAmino, the mother can ensure she preserves her lean body tissue while providing everything required for a healthy baby.

Patients With Kidney Failure

Individuals with kidney failure face many health difficulties, especially since they are placed on low-protein diets. Excess protein metabolism via the catabolic pathway creates too much uric acid for the kidneys to safely handle. The diet creates protein deficiency which then impacts the rest of their health. PerfectAmino is a safe and effective means for these patients the amino acids they need for health and well-being.


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Amino Acid Deficiency in Athletes

Dr. David Minkoff

As a nutritionally oriented MD and an avid runner, my goal is to help restore and maintain optimum health for everyone I see. An athlete in peak health can enjoy running and can keep their youthful performance levels far beyond what they believe is possible. At 67, I’m not as fast as I was, but I’m just as intent on improving my performance and continue to look for things that make me feel better, have more energy, recover faster and build strength.

Years ago, I found myself with an amino acid deficiency that was manifesting as a nagging hamstring injury for 4 years. I came upon a specific formulation of amino acids that I had never seen before and started taking it. Within 4 weeks, my hamstring was healed and I was able to do long, hard workouts. That year, I competed in the Ironman Canada Triathlon and improved my best finish time ever.

Other world-class runners & triathletes started taking it and began experiencing incredible results, winning races and being able to sustain their workout gains longer.

For a muscle to get stronger, it must add protein to its existing mass. When muscles work hard, they build up lactic acid. Muscle cells have enzymes to breakdown lactic acid and these enzymes are also proteins.

After a hard workout, muscle cells need to rebuild their proteins. If the aminos they need are unavailable to the cell at that time, those proteins will not be built. And the whole sequence of repair will be incomplete or delayed. As a result, new muscle growth won’t happen or happens belatedly, so the training effect one expects does not happen, and even worse, you breakdown and get inured.

The same thing happens with many proteins that our immune system is made of. After a hard workout or competition, if there isn’t enough protein intake to complete the repair process and keep your immune system proteins at the optimum level, you can get sick. Bottom line: we need the proteins that will give us the correct proportions of the eight essential amino acids, in a form that the body can use easily, without excess nitrogen waste.

Athletes become deficient in amino acids for many reasons, including thinking they’re getting enough from their meals or supplements, when in-fact they many not be.

PerefectAmnino has the exact amino acid formula, with an AAU of 99%, supplying the cells with all of the essential amino acids, in the precise proportions so they can make the protein immediately. It reaches your bloodstream in 23 minutes, making it immediately available to every cell. This translates into faster and more complete recovery, improved lactic acid clearance, bigger and better strength gains, improved immune system, stronger tendons, bones and ligaments. In medical studies, athletes who were taking this formulation, after one month of use, had impressive muscle strength changes and their lactic acid clearance improved by 16%.

PerfectAmino is not gene therapy and is not an illegal anabolic steroid or growth hormone. But given the genes that you have, you can maximize your health and performance, provided you give your body the exact nutrition it needs, when it needs it.

Because the body is 60% water and 19% protein, if you drink a lot of water and supplement your protein intake with PerfectAmino (especially before and after workouts) you can reach some of your maximal fitness goals faster. Labeled as “protein therapy”, PerfectAmino is best described as an anabolic un-steroid, allowing your body, through nutrition, to build itself up without any harmful drug effects.

"PerfectAmino is the best!"

David Oliver
Wolrd Champion Olympic Hurdler - Team USA

How to Use Perfect Amino for Resistance Training

By Dr. Frank Shallenberger

Is it right before exercise, right after, or some other time? The answer is in a new study in the peer reviewed journal, Nutrition, and it just might surprise you.

Researchers studied a group of 44 young, healthy men. They put them all on a resistance (weight lifting) exercise training program for three months. They gave half of them a protein supplement consisting of 27.5 grams of protein, 15 grams of carbohydrate, and 0.1 gram of fat every night before sleep. The other group received a non-caloric placebo. Before and after the experiment they used whole-body, dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry to measure their muscle mass. They also assessed their muscle fibers using a muscle biopsy. And they measured the men's overall strength.

Here's what they found:

Overall muscle strength in the protein before bed group was twice that in the placebo group. The same was true for muscle mass. The protein guys had developed almost two times more muscle mass than the placebo group. As for muscle fiber content, the protein group had increased more than twice the amount of type II muscle fiber size than the placebo men.

The authors of the study point out that previous studies have shown that, "Protein ingestion before sleep increases muscle protein synthesis rates during overnight recovery from an exercise bout." What they didn't know was whether or not that would translate to bigger, stronger muscles.

This study shows that it very clearly does. I have reported to you before how to exercise smart and get the same results from exercising half the time. Now this study shows us another trick to give us the maximum effect from our exercise efforts. Now here's an extra tip.

The 27.5 grams of protein powder that was given to these men was the typical kind of protein that is only 17% effective when it comes to muscle building.

PerfectAmino, on the other hand, is close to 100% effective for muscle building.

Just taking five PerfectAmino pills will give you more muscle action than the 27.5 grams of protein powder used in this study. And they are a lot easier on the stomach.

And one last thing. Don’t' forget the 15 grams of carbohydrate. Carbohydrate causes an increase in the hormone insulin which works to turn protein into muscle.

So it is a perfect combination for the protein

"Running 90-100 miles a week, I had always struggled with recovery, until I found PerfectAmino. Now I can’t imagine a training day without taking it."

Tina Muir
Champion Marathon Runner
Host of “Running for Real Podcast

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Pure, Ethical Sourcing For Clean, Optimal Health

The essential amino acids in PerfectAmino are derived from organic, non-GMO peas and beans, purified in state-of-the-art facilities, and mixed in exact proportions needed for maximum utilization by the body. It contains no fat, sodium, sugar, yeast, gluten, soy, corn, wheat, rice, GMOs, preservatives, excipients, dairy or animal products – a perfect solution for individuals with dietary restrictions or food allergies. Perfect Amino balances protein deficiencies for optimal natural health, performance and healing.

Maximize Results with PerfectAmino: How much to Take and When

There are a number of factors to take into consideration when using PerfectAmino, but let’s start with some basic guidelines that are sufficient for most people:

  1. 5 - 10g of PerfectAmino daily for maintenance.
  2. Do not take with other protein or fats, as this changes the carefully formulated ratio of amino acids in the digestive tract and will make PerfectAmino less effective.
  3. Take 30 min before meals or 30 minutes before exercise

Now, when it comes to the fine-tuning of PerfectAmino, this depends on your individual condition. Here are some things to consider:

  • Sex: Males generally require 20% more females, due to differences in body size and muscle mass
  • Physical Condition: A person in good shape generally has fewer issues and therefore requires less. A person who is less healthy should take a higher dose of PerfectAmino to bring their body back to proper functioning homeostasis
  • Digestive Issues: If the digestive system is weak, or chewing is impaired, you cannot absorb the necessary protein from the diet and should take a higher dose of Perfect Amino.
  • Sickness: The immune system can have very intense protein requirements during sickness, necessitating higher doses of PerfectAmino for faster recovery.
  • Surgery or Physical Injury: Recovering from surgeries and injury is a major challenge for the body and uses up huge protein resources to rebuild the damaged tissue. Higher doses of PerfectAmino can dramatically accelerate the recovery process in these situations.


If you fall into one of these other categories, such as if you are sick, recovering from surgery or injury, or have poor digestive health, we suggest you double or triple the dose, depending on how severe your issue(s) are.

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