Optimum Weight Maintenance Package

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This package helps to complete the cycle of weight-loss achieved by following the BodyHealth Optimum Weight Management Program.

After completing a round of the diet there is a 3-week maintenance period, during which healthy foods can be re-introduced to the diet.

It is important to keep nutritional levels high during the maintenance period and for this reason, BodyHealth has developed the BodyHealth Maintenance Package. The products in the package help you to maintain your new weight, they promote detoxification so the toxins previously stored in the body fat can be eliminated, they cleanse and they heal.

The package comprises:

1 bottle of PerfectAmino – a perfect blend of the 8 essential amino acids used for building protein for maximum 99%+ utilization by the body.

1 bottle of BodyHealth Complete + Detox – the ideal daily supplement with detoxification support

1 bottle of BodyHealth intestinal Cleanse – helps to promote healthy bowel function

1 bottle of Healthy-Thin - helps maintain appetite control and stabilizes the metabolism.

Normally $156.85 - NOW ONLY $133.30

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