Power Meal - Sample Packet (1 serving)

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PerfectAmino Power Meal was designed by Dr. David Minkoff MD to be a keto-friendly, complete meal replacement protein shake, built from the best ingredients on earth. It is 100% natural and is specifically designed to help give the body what it needs, in terms of protein, healthy fats (MCT Oil), slow-digesting carbs, vitamins, minerals, green superfoods and more.

Some Benefits of Power Meal include:

 Increased energy
 Improved muscle mass
 Fast recovery
 Satiated appetite
 Improved brain health
 Keto & Paleo friendly
 180 calories with great taste
  & zero sugar

These are just a few of the benefits of Power Meal that you will find from all of the over-60, all natural ingredients, which is now available in TWO FLAVORS and is provided in eco-friendly packaging! Natural Delicious is a plain version with a slightly sweet, vanilla taste that is perfect to mix with your favorite smoothie ingredients. And Dark Chocolate is just that – a tasty dark chocolate flavor that goes down smooth. Both flavors are only sweetened with Pure Monk Fruit (Luo Han Guo). No stevia, erythritol, sugar or other sweeteners.

Free samples for promotional purposes only. Not for resale. Receipt of free samples must be approved by a BodyHealth Staff member prior to shipment, unless you have pre-approval, your order will be cancelled and no products will be shipped.

Please inquire about how you can get a sample of this amazing product by calling us M-F, 9am - 6pm ET, or by sending us an email!