Weight Loss Bundle

The BodyHealth Weight Loss Bundle

Combine our popular herbal formula Healthy-Thin, which includes Momordica sp and Hoodia, with the new Healthy-Thin Booster with high amounts of vitamin B6 & B12, Cha' De Burgre, and Velvet Antler extract and you get a synergistic blend of all-natural, weight dropping performance!

The Weight Loss Bundle can:

  • help reduce appetite
  • improve the metabolism
  • offer unique blood sugar support
  • help the body dump excess water
  • decrease carb absorption
  • helps rid the body of toxins released from fat burning

No drugs or stimulants

Healthy-Thin and Healthy-Thin Booster provide natural weight-loss and do not contain ephedra or other stimulants. Their ingredients are natural extracts from plants and other nature-found herbs, which help curb appetite and encourage weight-loss.

Recommended dosage:

Healthy-Thin: Each bottle contains 90 capsules. Take 1-3 capsules 30-60 minutes before meals.

Healthy-Thin Booster: Each bottle contains 1 fl. oz.  10 drops, 3 times a day.


To learn more about Healthy-Thin click HERE. 

To learn more about Healthy-Thin Booster click HERE.

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