How a Metabolic Master Reset is Your Key to Weight-Loss Success

Obesity is an insidious condition afflicting our society at epidemic levels. Beyond the obvious visible side of it, there are other more subtle effects, existing in the background.


Many don’t recognize how profoundly that extra weight is affecting their quality of life.


And not just the psychological and social effects it can have.

Slow hormonal shifts begin to take place that powerfully affect every organ and bodily function. It can disrupt your sleep and mood. Cause low energy. Weaken your focus and affect sexual vitality.


Not to mention the more serious long-term consequences like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and autoimmune conditions.


Over time, these hormonal changes become your new normal and your body will work hard to keep you there, extra pounds and all.

Why most diets fail

Most weight loss programs and products out there approach weight loss from the the simplistic idea that it’s just a calories-in versus calorie-out problem. They use food or exercise or both to try and stimulate fat loss.


But no matter how much you focus on one piece of your metabolic puzzle through one diet or exercise program or another, your results may be temporary at best or non-existent at worst.




They don’t get down to the root of your problem, which has to do with the “master switch” that sets and maintains your weight.

A Powerful Approach To Weight-Loss With A Metabolic Master Key

Think of it like a thermostat.


Imagine if the temperature of your house is too hot, so you buy a fan. It’s still too hot. So you buy two more. Then you buy an air conditioner. The temperature’s getting better, but not quite there...


All the while, you don’t realize your thermostat is set to 90°. You have been unknowingly fighting against your own central heating system the entire time.


But if you turn down the thermostat, managing the temperature is almost effortless.


This is much like how your body works with weight.


In your brain, the hypothalamus and pituitary gland work together to regulate your appetite, when you feel full, blood sugar levels, how you process fat and sugar and your metabolism – everything having to do with your weight. And they aim to keep it steady, at one set level.


They do this with hormones – the most neglected and perhaps most critical part of weight loss.


They are Master Switch to your weight.


And with the right formula, you can reset it... and watch the pounds just fall away.

A Full-Spectrum Solution For A Whole Spectrum Problem

In this revolutionary weight loss program, we start here, from the master key to your weight-loss. We have developed a natural and gentle method of reestablishing a healthy hormonal balance to help facilitate your work to ideal weight.


But this is just the beginning.


Diet, exercise, and full-spectrum nutrition are all critical for success in our 3-Part Optimum Weight Management Program.

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Answer To My Prayers !

“After living with an eating disorder and then the aftermath of extreme fad dieting all my adult life, I was a mess! At age 57, I had reached 200 pounds, had plantar fasciitis and could barely walk. I was eating a healthy diet (but all I thought of was food!) and rode my bike 5 miles a day, but my weight wouldn't budge. Then an acquaintance let me know how she shed a lot of weight: it was this program. It has worked for me and changed my life! After a few rounds, I was able to lose 50+ pounds, my feet are fine, and I love having a normal appetite! I feel like I got my life back! Thank you, Dr. Minkoff.”

- Joan

Program Part 1 - Optimum Weight Management Formula Drops

The first part of our weight-management program is the Optimum Weight Management Formula Drops, a homeopathic formula that supports weight loss when combined with a low-calorie high protein diet.*

We even include a guide with some quick and easy recipes to help you along the program.

These drops are the critical piece of our system that helps turn down your body’s weight thermostat.


They can help you experience less hunger, reduced cravings and more energy*. Nobody likes getting “hangry!”

PROGRAM PART 2 - PerfectAmino TM

The second part of the program is PerfectAmino, ensuring you get enough protein while on the low-calorie diet. This is very important so your weight loss doesn’t turn into muscle loss, a common problem with in many diet programs.


Most people know that protein is essential for optimum health, but they often assume they are getting enough from their food.


So why the need for an amino acid supplement?


You can get good quality protein from foods such as eggs, meat, fish, and nuts but most of it doesn’t go into building your body’s protein—it just makes waste that the body has to get rid of along with all of those extra calories. Meat, for example, is only 32% utilized by your body to make protein. That’s 68% waste!


On this low calorie diet, you’ll want to make sure that you’re getting the protein your body needs.*


So what’s the solution?


PerfectAmino is an amino acid supplement that’s 99% utilized by the body to make protein. No other form of protein comes close!* And ... it has virtually zero calories!


PerfectAmino contains the eight essential amino acids the body needs to support and maintain its muscular, skeletal, enzymatic, and hormonal systems. The essential amino acids in PerfectAmino are in the exact proportions needed for maximum utilization by the body.*

Program Part 3 - Complete Multi + Liver Detox Support

All-in-One Solution for Complete Nutrition


While PerfectAmino provides your body with the necessary protein, the third part of our program covers your essential nutrition – and this is absolutely critical while on a low calorie diet.


Our Complete Multi + Liver Detox Support is a powerhouse of bioavailable vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, everything your body needs for optimum functioning.

This special formulation is based on whole food ingredients,

making vitamins and minerals easier for your body to absorb, more biologically active, and more effective.

Why Liver Support?


A lot of toxins end up stored in fat tissue. As you metabolize fat during weight loss, all the toxins go to the liver for processing and can really overload it.


We include a special formula of 8 different plants and compounds to support your liver, and it actually helps you burn even more fat. It’s the final piece of our Optimum Weight Management System to get you real results that last.


Complete Multi supports your health while you shed pounds and inch yourself closer to your radiant, healthy, and empowered self:


●      16 whole food organic fruit and vegetable concentrates

●      40+ vitamins and minerals to synergistically boost your health

●      Liver detox support to minimize weight loss toxicity

●      Powerful, complete antioxidant profile

●      Full Spectrum Nourishment for a low calorie diet

In Summary

At BodyHealth, we take pride in providing the highest quality possible through extensive research and clinical experience to get real health results for our customers.


We have put together this revolutionary weight-loss program that gets astonishing results. This everything you get, and all you will need:


●      Optimum Weight Management Drops to take before each meal

●      A sensible, low-calorie diet (diet guidelines included)

●      Perfect Amino to maintain muscle mass without the calories, carbs, waste and junk

●      Complete Multi + Liver Detox Support to fortify your body with nutrients and help the liver detoxify, which also helps get rid of fat

●      A helpful guide to assist you through the process


You can choose the option of a 23 day program or 40 day program, whatever suits your situation best.


If you’ve been tried and failed in the past, don’t get discouraged. We are so confident in our system we will even include 90 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


You’ve got nothing to lose…   except some pounds

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“I love, love this diet!! If you are totally DONE with being overweight & ready to get out the big guns, this program is for you. It works fast. It is hard core, but yet, a no brainer. I am at the end of my 3rd session. I have lost a total of 92 pounds!! GONE!! Not only is it awesome for weight loss, but it also resets your hypothalamus. This is the portion of your brain that controls your hunger among other things. So returning to a normal, natural appetite is wonderful. This program (mostly the drop) attacks your fat. I was so amazed & impressed to see my post menopause waistline disappear completely! AWESOME program! I would HIGHLY recommend it!”

- Cindy

THE Optimum Weight Management Formula and Programs

BodyHealth founder, Dr. David Minkoff talks briefly about the Optimum Weight Management Program. Have a listen and watch the video below.

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Homeopathic support for weight management

Helps balance the Endocrine network

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Program guide

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23 Day Program

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2 bottles of PerfectAmino

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40 Day Program

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This is the only plan that worked !

“I have hypothyroidism and losing weight is nearly impossible. I could do 5 hours of cardio a day and eat great, and my weight wouldn't budge. I did this program through a wellnesd coach and lost 30 lbs in 40 days. It was hard work but finally my hard work paid off!”

- Karri

Additional tips for success

Eat for Weight Loss Success

No weight-loss program will succeed without real attention to the food you eat.  Unfortunately, no amount of hormone balancing will make up for a diet of fried food and chocolate cake.


Different foods are processed differently by your body and can help or hinder your weight loss goals, so what you do eat is just as important as what you don’t eat, as well as the amount.


●      High in healthy protein (fish, poultry, etc)

●      Organic Vegetables

●      Some fruit

●      Low Carb


●      Fried food

●      Processed food and meat

●      Processed Carbs: pasta, bread, white rice

Exercise: How Much?

Because this is a restricted calorie diet, intense physical exercise is generally not recommended with our program.


We suggest at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity like walking or swimming most days of the week.


Sound like a lot?


Break it up into shorter manageable chunks!


Start slowly and increase your activity gradually. For example, start walking for 10–15 minutes three times a week, then gradually build up! Your body (and that surprising reflection in the mirror) will thank you for it!