We're delighted for your interest in PerfectAmino!

With many options to choose from, we have an amino acid solution to suit your needs.

PerfectAmino®  tablets - Our flagship product, the perfect source for exact protein supplementation. Greater than 99% utilized by the body for body protein synthesis. One tablet is equal to 1 gram of protein. 150 tablets per bottle.

PerfectAminoXP® drink powder - Our amazing amino acid blend mixed with a little stevia and natural flavors for those who can't handle swallowing tablets. Just mix in water, juice, or your favorite sports drink and you're good to go!

PerfectAmino Power Meal™ combines the highly-utilized protein of PerfectAmino, with powerful Carb10, MCT oil, vitamins, minerals and superfoods to create an advanced and complete meal replacement shake. If you’re looking for better performance, optimum health, or a convenient way to get the proper nutrition, PerfectAmino Power Meal is the answer.