December 20, 2016

You Can Overcome And Outlast Your Setbacks - Podcast

World Championship Marathon competitor, BodyHealth team member, and Run to the Top podcast host, Tina Muir interviews Dr. David Minkoff as they discuss overcoming and outlasting your setbacks.

Here are some of the topics they discuss:

  • How to balance work, family, and training for Iron Mans
  • The benefits of natural medicine for runners
  • There are no “quick fixes” when it comes to your health
  • The top 4 things you need to lead a healthier lifestyle
  • The science behind amino acids and Body Health’s Perfect Amino

Listen to the podcast now.

June 09, 2016

BodyHealth Newsletter - 6/9/16

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April 28, 2016

Changing It Up

From Winter to Summer Racing... a Wholistic Perspective...

Within my next 24 hours, feeble ilg toes the Start Line of my first of 8 Championship Cycling Races; a 15-mile Time Trial with over 600' of elevation gain.

Minor Detail: I've not been on my road, mountain, or time trial bike save for 4x since, uh…well, OCTOBER of 2015!!

Breaking it down: I've ridden my Mountain Bike 2x, my TT bike 2x (racing it during the Pagosa Winter Quadrathlon in March and in the local Dead Squirrel - don't ask- TT in April). Road bike? uh, once…a club ride in, what was it? March? Early April?

Yet? To lifelong warrior of Wholistic Fitness®? Such an obvious lack of sport specific training has not fired one neuron of nervousness from within my cells for tomorrow evening's Time Trial.

Here is why...

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March 28, 2016

Congratulations to Coach Steve Ilg! - Always Competing, Always On Top!

BodyHealth would like to congratulate the legendary Coach Steve Ilg - who, at 53 years young - continues to post Overall Wins and Podiums across several winter sports and across several physiologic spectrums. His choice of Cellular Nutrition? BodyHealth!

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March 28, 2016

All About Essential Amino Acids by Ben Greenfield

What are the individual aminos and how do they work??  Our good friend Ben Greenfield is a fitness expert, researcher, and accomplished author, who recently did a podcast with Dr. Minkoff on Essential Amino Acids, which you can listen to HERE.  Ben then wrote this article to explain the essential amino acids in a very clean and concise way.  Here is some of what he said:

EXPLANATION: Essential amino acids, as the name implies, are essential because they can’t simply be made by your body like all the other amino acids can. Instead, you have to get EAA’s from your diet or other exogenous sources.

Have you ever heard of Private Tim Hall, AKA Pvt. Tim Hall? If you’re a biology or chemistry geek, you probably have, because his name is the mnemonic commonly used to remember these essential amino acids, which are, drumroll please:

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March 28, 2016

Pain - Deal With It by Cherie Gruenfeld

Why would anyone knowingly take up a hobby that is going to cause great pain?

Good question. But anyone who calls himself a triathlete has done just that. A triathlon of any distance is hard and painful. Training for a triathlon requires hours of being uncomfortable.  Yet many of us are devoted to this sport. Go figure!

In the sport of triathlon, physical ability is a primary determinant of performance, but the ability to suffer or tolerate pain is also a key factor. The simple fact of the matter is: You can’t perform at a high level and not experience pain. Clearly, those who have learned to deal with the pain, and use it to their advantage, have a leg-up in this type of sport.

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March 16, 2016

9 Ways an Elite Prepares for a World Championship

BodyHealth's newest team member is an elite runner for the Saucony Hurricanes and owner/creator of Fuel Your Future blog!

Her name is Tina Muir and currently she's training for the World Half Marathon Championships and she's going to also be racing in the London Marathon in April.  We're excited to have her on board and can't wait to read more from her.

She mentioned BodyHealth in a recent blog article she posted:

9 Ways an Elite Prepares for a World Championship

"Last week I mentioned in both posts that I vowed to do the little things. To make sure I give myself the absolute best chance of success in both the World Half Marathon and the London Marathon.

But don’t I already do all those little things?

My non-running friends already think I am nuts, so what more could I possibly do?

Well, here are 9 ways I have stepped up my game to take recovery to another level"

You can continue the article which was originally written here:

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