Are you unhappy with your weight? Struggling to lose those last few pounds? Unable to find a weight-loss or weight-maintenance plan that works? It can be hard to break through the noise of fad diets, supposed miracle cures and trendy exercise crazes that make empty promises to melt off the pounds.  

BodyHealth makes weight-loss and weight-maintenance products that are all natural and proven to be effective. Browse our line of weight-loss solutions:

Optimum Weight Management Program

It can be a challenge to reach your weight-loss goals without also enduring the loss of bone density, muscles and connective tissue. BodyHealth Optimum Weight Management Program guards against this loss while also promoting effective weight loss and aiding detoxification. The program includes BodyHealth Optimum Weight Management Formula, Complete Multi + Liver Detox Support, PerfectAmino and a free program guide.

This package is available in 23-day and 40-day options to best suit your weight-management objectives. The 23-day program is best suited for individuals with 20 pounds or less to lose, while the 40-day program is ideal for individuals looking to lose more than 20 pounds.

Optimum Weight Maintenance Package

Are you looking to lose those stubborn final few pounds? This package assists with the final cycle of weight loss following the Optimum Weight Management Plan and includes one bottle each of PerfectAmino, Complete + Liver Detox Support, Intestinal Cleanse and Healthy-Thin. This weight-maintenance package helps keep nutritional levels high and promotes detoxification, cleansing and healing.

Optimum Weight Management Formula

When combined with a low-calorie nutritious diet, these homeopathic drops support weight loss, help balance the endocrine network and promote fat burning. This homeopathic mixture also relieves hunger, reduces cravings, counteracts fatigue, and helps to safely boost metabolism to support your weight-loss goals.


Healthy-Thin is a natural weight-loss supplement that can help you regain nutritional balance and assist with weight maintenance when combined with a healthy diet and active lifestyle. Healthy-Thin contains no drugs or stimulants, only natural herb and plant extracts that reduce appetite and support weight loss.

Healthy-Thin Booster

If you’re eating right and exercising regularly but still can’t shed those final few pounds, add Healthy-Thin Booster to your daily routine. This natural diet enhancer acts as a healthy appetite suppressant, mild diuretic and energy booster.

Weight Loss Bundle

All-natural supplements Healthy-Thin and Healthy-Thin Booster are available together as the Weight Loss Bundle. Healthy-Thin works to reduce appetite, support balanced blood sugar and improve metabolism while Healthy-Thin Booster is an effective diet enhancer and energy booster.

Supplemental Products

Your weight loss and maintenance effort can be further supported by other supplements from the BodyHealth product line, including Intestinal Cleanse herbal digestive support and PerfectAmino or sugar-free PerfectAminoXP, both available in tablet and powder formulations.

Taken individually or in combination, these natural weight-loss and weight-management supplements promote whole-body health and wellness.

Trust BodyHealth to be your partner in optimal health and vitality as you work to achieve and maintain your body composition and weight-loss goals.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.